This website (hereinafter called “Website”) belongs to the intellectual property right owned and controlled by Arimino Company Limited (hereinafter called “The Company”) and, in compliance with the law, The Company stands for the privacy right of all individuals that visit Website.

Privacy policy hereafter stated is expected to be enacted by The Company at all facets of corporative activities of The Company with Website included, thus The Company will endeavor to enforce protection of personal information of its customers (hereinafter called Customers).

Regarding Personal Information

Customers of The Company, who make an access to and browse Website are deemed not to be required to submit names nor private addresses. However, there shall be cases where customers are requested to input or register such personal information in response to questionnaire survey or gift campaign held by The Company.

Utilization of Personal Information

  • The Company inclusive of affiliates may reserve the right to utilize such information only when such information is indispensably required for The Company’s attempt to offer its products and beauty information service to Customers. While The Company utilizes such personal information strictly for product planning and development purposes and for establishing marketing data only, The Company makes it a rule to apply a statistical processing system to make the information unidentifiable.
  • The Company will utilize such information without deviating from this proposed purpose range of use so as not to damage Customers’ right in any way.

Management and Protection of Personal Information

  • The Company is to nominate administrator/supervisor for them to undertake obligations for the duty of execution of proper supervision for the sole purpose of preventing personal information from flowing out. Nominated administrator or supervisor is also obligated to take a proper countermeasure against unauthorized accesses from the outside or the risk of the loss, destruction, falsification or the like, of personal information so it can be well protected.
  • The Company is to limit the number of personnel who are allowed to access database containing personal information so as to prohibit fraudulent and/or off-the-authorized purpose of use of such information.

Management of Information Entrusted to Subcontractors

  • In the effort of tendering better than average service to Customers, The Company exercises cases to consign personal information management to subcontractors. In such case, The Company will demand and confirm that the most appropriate management of personal information is undertaken and reaffirmed by subcontractors so that no leakage of personal information will take place.

Consent for the Treatment of Personal Data Presentation

  • The Company will not hold forth or disclose Customers’ personal data to the third group except subcontractors, without Customer’s permission and agreement. However, disclosure of such data could take place when requested by the law, or by court or police or similarly authorized official bodies.

Disclosure or Alteration of Personal Information

  • The Company is obliged to hold forth personal data strictly to Customer concerned only at Customer’s request, on the condition that such deed does not cause significant hindrance to The Company’s work performance, or individual’s life, physical system, property right and equivalence.
  • The Company will promptly comply with Customer’s request for correction or delusion of Customer’s personal information subject to The Company’s confirmation of identification of Customer.

Strengthening of Security System

  • While The Company will abide by the law in handling personal information, it will continue to review its privacy policy as appropriate and will accomplish improvement of the same when needed.