At the beginning of each year, we release the ARIMINO Corporate Message, our slogan for the year. We use this as a base to come together, both as a company and with beauty professionals, and explore new approaches to beauty by reflecting on the changing ways of the industry and the world.

FOR THE FUTURE/ Creating a fanbase

2020 was a year of inconceivable changes throughout the world.
The beauty industry was no exception, with many adjustments being made to life in the salon. Despite all of these changes, the desire to be beautiful, to enjoy fashion, did not once fade.
Here at Arimino, our theme for 2021 is “FOR THE FUTURE/ Creating a fanbase.”
Clients who have continued to support salons and hairdressers despite these challenging times
are true fans. It is through their support that we, as an industry, can build a stronger future together.
Creating a fanbase entails strengthening connections and deepening trust.
With faith that these connections are the building blocks for the future of our industry,
we will aim to work with the industry as a whole to bring new value to the world of beauty.