Corporate Philosophy

Since its founding in 1946 by Arimi Tao, Arimino has continued to maintain its focus on people and beauty. As a company, we have stayed true to creating products that enhance a person’s beauty, consistently incorporating feedback from hairdressers, and maintaining the style and sensibilities that are unique to Japan and our culture.
Throughout the years, we have stood at the forefront of the industry, introducing innovative products to Japan, including the country’s first cold perming solution and aerosol hairspray. Arimino has also been responsible for the major hair trends of Japan; most notably, for spreading the popularity of hair coloring throughout the country.
As pioneers of an industry that has become a daily staple, we will continue to uphold our progressive spirit, maintaining our focus on keeping people beautiful in new and exciting ways.
We believe in the importance of mutual trust, and vow to do our utmost to contribute to industry development with honesty and integrity.
This has always been, and forever will be, our stance as a company.

The ARIMINO Spirit 未来につなぐ創業者の想い(2017年作成)